Riot Shields – U.B.S. in the forefront

All models are injection moulded which means the same quality is the complete surface. We have more than 15 years of experience in this field and have seen different qualities.

In our opinion, the three main factors for high quality are:

  • Correct Polycarbonate quality
  • The way of moulding to get the correct shape/design with constant quality
  • Certified shields – BS 7971-3, Italian Standard and other special demands

Several manufacturers make the shields from flat sheets of PC, then either cold press the flat PC into the correct shape or heat the sheet up and then press it inside a mould. In both techniques the fibre/structure are stretched and the chance to get weak points are very high. In heat moulding, the cooling process is critical and very difficult to get the same temperature in the complete surface. If the surface is missing the clear “window” view, it is a signal of low quality.

This is also the reason why companies fail in impact testing in tenders when the user does laboratory testing with impact for the complete surface. It is easy to hit the shield with batons, hammer or similar in the areas you know are strong, it does not mean the shield is of high quality.

We test our shields in minus 20 degrees, +20 and + 70 degrees with 70 Joules of impact. Quality is very important – so are prices, why pay more than needed?

U.B.S. will display models at Milipol at Hall 5 (N094), you are welcome to come for a presentation at any time.

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