September 11 Bulletin

Last week U.B.S. presented vests, plates, and helmets for different top elite units in a country outside Europe. The presentation ended this with test shooting of our solutions on a shooting range. These units are facing deathly threats daily and need top quality.

The soft IIIA panel was shot with 47 rounds from different weapons before they gave up perforating the panel, not any new arguments were needed. A second panel was tested with 13 rounds before they stopped. This is for sure not a laboratory way of testing, but the operators get more trust is the vest they will carry later.

Our new level III++ plate was also tested with an M4 rifle, seven rounds from 5-, 10- and 15-meter distance, not any problems. Last test carried out was on our FAST level IIIA helmet, same results.

The order is confirmed, EUC signed, production can start up while waiting for the export license to be approved. To test the products with own duty weapons and weapons used by criminals gives confident.

If you want me or some from our team to come to your place to do the same, let us know!

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